Einsurance health insurance is affordable medical coverage that is offered online to consumers. By purchasing individual or family plans over the internet, company expenses are lower, which often translates to lower prices and improved customer service. You can easily enroll for a Marketplace plan in minutes, and have your federal subsidy applied directly to help pay your premium. Carriers do not charge any fees to apply for coverage, and plans can be terminated at any time without a penalty.

Recently, small business owners, along with many individuals and families, have discovered that all of the biggest health insurance companies (Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, UnitedHealthcare and Humana) conduct a large volume of their business in the Einsurance manner. Quality  increases and buyers often pay less. At your fingertips is the latest information regarding which doctors and hospitals are in your network, projected rate increases or decreases, and formulary drug lists for each carrier. Both during and outside of Open Enrollment plans are offered.

Many additional Senior services are also offered. Medigap plans can be purchased online by Seniors, and information, including specific benefits, drug formularies, and cost of coverage is easily viewed. The annual Open Enrollment period provides a window to purchase Medigap coverage without medical underwriting. The largest private health insurance market provides millions of prospects for carriers.

State and federal Marketplaces offer budget-friendly plans, especially if you qualify for a large federal subsidy. Although it’s possible to review options over the phone, and in some areas, in person, viewing, comparing and enrolling online is much quicker and simpler. Of course, we provide all of the specific plan details (deductibles, copays, out-of-pocket expense maximums etc…) along with a quick 10-minute online enrollment link.

Documents can also be uploaded, and income verification (if needed) can be easily and quickly transmitted. Property and casualty products, including auto and homeowner’s coverage, are available. High-risk auto and other ancillary products can also be purchased.

Instantly Compare Multiple Companies

The comparison process is much easier than before the Affordable Care Act legislation was passed. Typically, you are asked to provide only your zip code along with several other non-personal questions, and you can find the cheapest rates in the area where you live.

Since there can be large fluctuations in prices in the same state, it makes it more important to properly “shop” so you are considering all of the best carriers. US citizenship and legal state residential status are still required. Federal tax returns must be filed and a verifiable address must be furnished. Additional family members may have to be listed, although they are not required to be covered.

It’s also important to review options each year since a new Open Enrollment period may include new carriers along with the departure of other companies. UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, Humana, and Aetna have departed most states, and are not expected to return soon. However, they continue to offer Group and other ancillary products. Note: UnitedHealthcare returned to the 2021 Marketplace in selected states, and may expand their footprint in 2022. Aetna has not yet returned, although within the next several years, limited participation may occur.

Within a short period of time, you can view hundreds of different plan options for both temporary and long-term plans. If there are existing pre-existing conditions, an Exchange or guarantee-approval option can be used. You can also request different riders to be added, including dental, vision, enhanced accidental injury, and additional office visit coverage on short-term contracts. Just as importantly, you’ll be able to understand your plan, benefits and possible out-of-pocket costs. A pdf file is available with specific details of each plan.

Cheap maternity health insurance no longer has to be added as a rider to any qualified Exchange or Off-Exchange policy. Since it is considered one of the 10 required “essential health benefits,”  new plans purchased through Open Enrollment must contain maternity and prenatal benefits. However, if you had an existing grandfathered policy (generally issued before April 2010),  maternity was not required and often was excluded. Many older plans had waiting periods of 270 days before maternity benefits became effective. There also may have been a deductible and additional coinsurance.

We Shop All Plans So You Save

Find Cheap Einsurance Rates From Top Companies

Shop And Save On Your Healthcare In Minutes

We realize that there are very few consumers that will be thrilled about viewing, and ultimately choosing their medical coverage from hundreds of options. If you prefer to do all of the research and investigating yourself, you will have plenty of unbiased resources to use on our website. You can also apply directly to the insurer and still receive the lowest pricing. If you are eligible for government financial aid, we will help you maximize the amount you are entitled to receive.

But you can also receive the lowest rates with the help of our experienced staff. The assistance is free but you may easily save hours of your time. We can quickly find the most suitable policies and greatly simplify the application process. Our unique marketplace allows you to find the best offer in minutes and apply directly to the carrier. There are no extra fees to pay, and often policies are approved the same day.

It’s old news now, but the  Department of Health and Human Services has implemented the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and you now apply for coverage differently than five years ago. The process is much easier, and if you have a chronic condition, or have been denied coverage in the past, you will be helped instead of declined. Waiting periods, surcharges and pre-existing condition exclusions are no longer applied to Marketplace plans during Open Enrollment. Outside of the Open Enrollment period, affordable options are still available.

Applying (Enrolling) For A Policy

Most applications will be submitted online although hard-copy applications will probably be offered to persons that do not have a computer, do not have access to the internet or are uncomfortable with handling financial transactions online. Special “navigators” or community outreach programs may be able to assist consumers that fall into that category.  This may be especially helpful to persons that don’t own a computer or are not comfortable using one. There are no extra fees to pay when utilizing assistance from a broker, agent, or navigator.

Persons without convenient modes of transportation, or chronic health conditions that lead to lack of immobility, are good candidates for navigator assistance. Otherwise, our website, with more than three decades of experience, is one of the best resources to use for comparing plans and easily enrolling.  We present both Obamacare and non-Obamacare options, which allow consumers to make a cost-effective decision. Often, rates are significantly lower for non-Exchange plans, although benefits will differ.

Lifetime caps for non-Obamacare plans are reduced from unlimited to approximately $250,000-$2 million. Medical underwriting and non-coverage of pre-existing conditions are common. Occasionally, selected carriers will cover some pre-existing conditions on short-term plans. For example, Anthem temporary contracts in Ohio and Indiana provide covered benefits for existing conditions. Rates, however, are higher than most companies, including UnitedHealthcare and National General.

When purchasing coverage through the internet, applicants can still view comprehensive brochures and complete details about the plans available for enrollment. Although not all companies can send a hard copy or sample contract, pdf files are offered by all major carriers. Applications for both on and off-Exchange policies can be reviewed before completed. Additional details are available through licensed brokers.

Don’t Forget About Your Free Subsidy

One of the biggest often-forgotten components in buying Einsurance medical benefits is the application of instant tax credits  (your federal subsidy) at the time of purchase. For example, these “subsidies,” are based upon income, and thus, the less money you earn, the larger your subsidy will be. Larger families are eligible for increased financial assistance. Shown below are several  general examples of annualized subsidy eligibility amounts for residents of Milwaukee. NOTE: Exact figures will slightly vary, depending on your zip code.

Age 25 And Household Income Of $20,000 – $2,916

Age 35 And Household Income Of $25,000 – $3,060

Age 45 And Household Income Of $35,000 – $2,316

Age 55 And Household Income Of $35,000 – $5,292

Ages 25 Couple And Household Income Of $30,000 -$6,036

Ages 40 Couple And Household Income Of $40,000 -$6,636

Ages 50 Couple And Household Income Of $40,000 -$10,488

Ages 35 Couple With One Child And Household Income Of $70,000 -$5,592

Ages 45 Couple With One Child And Household Income Of $70,000 -$7,272

Ages 50 Couple With Two Children And Household Income Of $80,000 -$8,892

The initial Open Enrollment for Exchanges begins on November 1st, although you can apply for short-term or qualified SEP coverage at any time between now and that time through our website. Einsurance is the easiest way to purchase health insurance online in minutes. We simplify the comparison and enrollment process, so you can customize your benefits to match the cost you can afford.