Basic Medical insurance plans are always available from our website 24 hours per day, and we painstakingly research all of the major healthcare companies to provide you with the most affordable options. We are extremely careful to consider only reputable carriers, such as UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield,  Humana, Cigna and other companies. Short-term and critical illness plans are generally fairly inexpensive, but benefits will be less than a conventional policy. “Limited Benefit” plans are generally not recommended unless all other alternatives are not offered.

Non-Exchange high-deductible, catastrophic, and temporary plan options are not necessarily costly, although benefits can widely vary. These types of plans do not always offer fully-paid preventative benefits, but may be an appropriate option if Marketplace policies are not available. However, during Open Enrollment periods, Marketplace plans should always be considered since pre-existing conditions are covered and an instant tax-credit may substantially reduce the cost of coverage.

We never consider limited-benefit plans (see above), and there is no charge for our service. We’re also very confident that you will receive the lowest  rate in your state for single, family or group coverage. Additional policies for small businesses and the self-employed are designed for their unique needs. Seniors can review different types of Medigap plans, including Medicare Supplement and Advantage contracts. Prescription drug plans are also available as stand-alone contracts, or included with Advantage plans. Critical-illness plans are also offered to help pay additional out-of-pocket expenses.

The Largest Selection

Our website provides you with the largest  selection of affordable policies, all issued by the most respected  companies. And with our state-of-the-art software, you’ll be able to quickly compare policy features and prices, and easily apply online for the policy of your choice. The personal  information you provide is only used by ourselves and affiliated companies. We know you want low direct prices, and not 150 emails. If you prefer to talk to a “live” broker, this free service can always be arranged. Many persons also prefer direct email correspondence only. Fax and text correspondence is available in selected areas. Rates are constantly updated so that current (2022) plans reflect the most-recent rate and coverage changes.

Medical Underwriting Of Plans Changed

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Basic Medical Coverage Is Cheap

Prior to 2014, most basic medical plans were underwritten. The premium was derived from the applicant’s age, where you lived (county), and your answers to some simple medical questions. You may have received a “preferred” rating if you were in excellent health. But if you were being treated for more serious conditions, you could still obtain coverage, or qualify for a “non-standard” rating. However, this could often result in  a mild or massive price increase.

With the passage of Obamacare (ACA Legislation), applying and enrolling for coverage changed. Questions asking  about medications you took, surgeries you were contemplating, and how much you weighed were eliminated. Although your nicotine use was still an underwriting factor, it was the only component of the premium-determination process other than your age, income and where you lived.

Although future legislation may impact healthcare coverage after 2021, “guaranteed-issue” plans will still be available. The availability of federal subsidies, and the amount, may be tweaked or changed. Future Exchanges may contain “public option” plans to applicants to consider along with plans from major carriers. The public option will be operated by the government, which may create expense and administrative challenges.

Major (and smaller) carriers offer simplified underwriting or guarantee-approval plans so you are able to secure a policy. A physical is not required, and medical questions do not have to be answered. Availability of plans and companies in your area, however, may be limited. Many areas of the country have just a single carrier that offers qualified policies that meet all legislative requirements. For example, when Anthem BCBS made the decision to withdraw from Ohio (except for a single plan in one county), existing customers needed to change to a carrier they weren’t familiar with. In some areas, it was CareSource. Oscar now offers plan in the Columbus and Cleveland areas.

Individual Vs. Family Plans

Individual  plans are, of course, much less expensive than family plans since only one person is insured. Health insurance quotes for individuals will feature plans that are portable. That is, you will be able to keep these policies for as long as you wish. You may also cancel coverage at any time without a penalty. If you choose to change companies, you will probably  have to wait until the next Open Enrollment period, unless you qualify for a “Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

If you have dependents, you can keep them on your private policy until they reach age 26. However, if they are spending significant time in another area (out-of-state), it’s important to verify that your network providers will extend  benefits to their area. Otherwise, it’s possible that only emergency coverage will receive the provider-negotiated pricing.

If your health has changed, it could result in an increased premium. Personal rates, of course, will vary, depending on where you live. Thus, it is possible your price could actually reduce if you move. Ohio, as an example, offers extremely low premiums. Colorado, Delaware, and Indiana also feature low rates. New York and New Jersey? Unfortunately, premiums are a bit higher! Most other states have many budget-friendly options.

Personalized And Customized Quotes

Major medical insurance plans are popular options for personal use. When choosing the right plan for you, it is important to consider the type of policy that is best for your specific situation. If out-of-pocket expenses are a major concern, then a low-deductible policy may be your best bet. However, a low-deductible plan will increase the premium…perhaps too much to justify coverage that might rarely be used. By personalizing your quote to coincide with the most appropriate available policies, you may be able to trim deductible and copay out-of-pocket expenses.

Your personal  quote will take into consideration all of these factors before we recommend a plan. Any additional riders can be discussed, although in most cases, they are not needed. Maternity, however, is often an exception. Additional maternity options can be found on this page. Dental benefits are usually an option although orthodontia may not be covered or may be limited. Accidental death and term life riders can often be easily added.  (See note about Maternity below)

Family And Maternity Benefits

Family coverage is a benefit that covers all members of your household. This could consist of a husband and wife, a single parent and children, or two or more children on the same policy. If employer-sponsored coverage is too expensive or not available, purchasing your own coverage is the best option. Small business owners often purchase family coverage because of the wide range of options and also because it is often much less expensive than a group plan. However, if group coverage is available, and you decline or opt out of enrollment, you probably will not be eligible for a federal subsidy. Although several plan options will be offered, the premium could be much higher than your employer-provided benefits.

How To Find Cheap Medical Plans

Easily Apply For Coverage

Maternity benefits are not available on all plans, so you should carefully review your quote if this is needed. An HMO will often include affordable maternity benefits. A PPO may also offer this benefit although often there is a waiting period, and depending on the state, premiums may be rather high. However, after 2014, the Affordable Care Act requires that all contracts contain this benefit.

NOTE: Maternity benefits are  included on on-Exchange Marketplace plans. Therefore, purchasing an extra rider to cover pregnancy expenses is not needed unless you are considering a non-compliant option. Even if you are currently pregnant, during Open Enrollment, you can still secure coverage.  Also, since the birth of a child is considered a qualifying life event (QLE), once the baby is delivered, he (or she) is eligible to enroll in a healthcare plan, regardless of any present medical conditions.

Family  quotes are available from most  insurers. We try to focus on  plans that offer the most comprehensive coverage. We feel it is also important to select a plan that provides a low copay on office visits (pcp and specialist), prescriptions, comprehensive preventive benefits, and a rate that is going to remain as stable as possible. Rates no longer sharply increase when many more than three children are added to the policy. The exception is temporary plans that are typically purchased if you miss the Open Enrollment deadline.

Policies For Self-Employed Persons

Self employed  plans are also offered by most companies. Policies are designed to protect your assets and your family at the most acceptable rate. Recent tax changes also allow the tax-deductibility of  premiums from your federal taxable income. Self-employed individuals often file their tax return differently, so the level and amount of the deduction may be dependent on what schedules you use when filing. For example, whether you itemize, file a Schedule C or are incorporated, the type of medical benefits you have will impact the tax-deduction of your healthcare.

HSAs have become increasingly popular for individuals or families that are self-employed. As an alternative to more expensive plans, HSAs allow you to pay for current medical expenses and save for future qualified  expenses on a tax-free basis. To obtain an HSA, you must have a high deductible health plan (HDHP), which is often referred to as a “catastrophic”  plan. We provide  quotes from all of the top  companies. There are some variations in coverage, and we’ll be happy to review and recommend the best available options. At any time, you can terminate a plan. When you become Medicare-eligible, accumulated funds can continue to be used to pay for qualified expenses.

We provide expert guidance for consumers that are purchasing basic medical insurance coverage online. We’re here to assist you so you pay the lowest price for your healthcare.